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I am a life-long bookworm and word nerd, with the corresponding peace-keeper/diplomatic sensibilities you might expect from being a middle child raised by hard-working parents with high expectations. I wrangle punctuation into submission as a copy editor, project the voice and brand of entrepreneurs and business owners as a blogger, and create and execute social media strategy. I am a strong collaborator, seek advantage from understanding and am a trusted counsel and mentor for colleagues.


Learner — I strive to continuously improve and learn from every encounter, interaction and experience.

Context — I ask questions to seek an advantage from understanding the past to inform and build success for the future.

Developer/Arranger — I recognize and cultivate the potential in others which helps me pull together the resources and talent necessary for optimal outcomes.

I pursued my journalism degree with minors in political science and history at the University of Iowa, far enough away from home to allow me to spread my wings, but close enough to the tight-knit community I was raised in so that my parents could visit or rescue me from car trouble when necessary.

After graduation, I accepted the invite of a friend I have known since preschool to go with her wherever she was placed after training for her job. Lucky for us, the destination was Denver!

At the height of the Great Recession, I started Teriva Solutions to provide content marketing and digital marketing solutions to you all.

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