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Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard how important a content marketing strategy is or that you should be regularly blogging. Sounds great, but I know how hard it is to juggle your other responsibilities and still find time to write and distribute quality content.

It’s OK to ask for help, and you should put me on speed dial. We can create a content strategy to drive visitors to your website, fill your sales funnel and build brand awareness. We will help you write and optimize website content, write blog and whitepapers, and build a distribution strategy to get these content assets to your key audience.


Even if you can handle the content generation needs of your business, every piece of publishable content needs to be edited. Throughout the years, I have earned a reputation for my eagle-eye editing skills. Not only do I identify and fix spelling and grammar errors, I will work with you to help clarify your points, answer the “so what” that is often missing for the reader and ensure that I offer you insights about organization and overall clarity of the content. So, whether you have an ebook, a whitepaper, a magazine, newsletter or other content, be sure you get a second set of eyes to review it before you let it “go live.”

Feeling overwhelmed with the demands of content development and distribution?
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Management Consulting

Let’s face it. Just because you excelled at your job and got promoted to be the fearless leader of a creative group, doesn’t mean you know squat diddly about managing people. Too many creative teams lose their verve when they face a manager who just doesn’t get it. Whether time management, goal setting, dealing with difficult people or more plague you and your team, I have the tools and information to provide actionable suggestions to get you past the bumps in your professional adventure.

Leadership, Culture and Customer Service

Curious if your culture is functioning the way it needs to achieve its goals? Is it time to have an outside perspective and proven leader and manager assess the situation? As a well-respected manager, I can develop anonymous surveys, interview your staff and then follow-up with my recommendations for what should be done to create a company culture poised for success.

Ready to get an outside perspective of your management team?
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Email Marketing

Need help crafting a message to get attendees to your webinar? Are you effectively using your blog content and building a consistent enewsletter to distribute to your email list? If not, Teriva can help. Email marketing remains one of the best returns on your investment of any marketing channel.

Social Media Strategy

We can work with your team to develop a social media strategy that helps your organization succeed. Oftentimes, businesses feel like they must be on every social media channel but quickly realize there are not enough resources internally to do them all well. We help your team determine their social media goals and then recommend the channel(s) that are best to help you achieve those goals, develop recommendations for posting topics and schedules, and can be called upon to do an evaluation of your social media progress.

Experience Marketing

Are you offering your employees and customers the best possible experience? I can help you pay attention to the experience you provide your internal and external customers on the phone, when they visit the office and even with the language you use on communication. With today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, a great experience can give you a competitive edge when attracting employees as well as customers. Are you doing all that you can do?

Virtual Assistant

Are you in a need of another right-hand? A plug-and-play professional to execute the details, so you can focus on the big ideas? That’s where I come in. You can leave the numbers game to your favorite accountant, but I can manage the rest of your business so you can do what you’re best at—generating the next big idea.

As a plug-and-play professional, I can help you achieve your goals.
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