Never Say Never: Teriva Solutions Expands Services

March 4th, 2017

When I started my freelance content marketing business in 2009, I intentionally named it Teriva Solutions, so that it would accommodate not only content, but a broader scope of solutions for my clients one day. I always envisioned that I would expand beyond writing and editing, but since I didn’t quite know what that was, a generic “solutions” seemed to fit.

Management and leadership coaching is one area that I expanded to. Like so many others, I became a manager to fill a void left by someone who left the organization and quickly earned my chops in hiring and firing, motivating and advocating, and so much more. Unlike so many others, I enjoyed my management role. The icing on the cake was when I received positive reviews (360-degree anonymous reviews so they were free to speak the truth) from my direct reports and my own managers about my performance. Helping others develop their leadership and management skills is still a passion of mine today.

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While expanding to management and leadership coaching as part of my repertoire at Teriva Solutions was fairly predictable, I would have never predicted I would join a multi-level marketing company. But, that’s exactly what I did at the beginning of 2017.

Time for a change and to be open to possibilities

So, how is it that one of the solutions I now offer is Rodan + Fields skincare?

Believe me, I am as surprised as you! But, since this is such a great example of allowing yourself to be open to possibilities I want to share it with you.

When my sister-in-law Karen, who is a part-time attorney, approached me about joining her in business as a Rodan + Fields consultant, I responded in my typical way. Yes, I’ll go to your business launch {just to support her}, but I had NO intention of signing up to be a consultant and wasn’t expecting to purchase product either. You see, I was often guilty of not even washing my face {even at night}!

At the time, I was facing yet another downsizing/reorganization in my marketing/editorial career so soon would not have the consistency of my full-time paycheck. Spending extra money to buy skincare or a consultant kit really wasn’t in the budget.

But the other thing that was painfully apparent with this pending downsizing, and made me ultimately open to the possibilities of Rodan + Fields, was that once again my destiny and financial security were controlled by others. I was tired of being at the mercy of others to determine my fate.

This roller coaster had begun in 2009 when I was downsized from a company I had been with for 10 ½ years. In the years since that time, I have tried out several full-time positions while still maintaining my freelance business, but struggled to regain the salary, the vacation time, the financial security and the job satisfaction I had once enjoyed.

I knew that there was something better out there. I knew there was a more important role I should be playing. I also knew that when I tried to fit myself into a role that wasn’t quite right, I wasn’t giving the best Teri there was to give. I was ready to change that.

Salesperson, no way!

I will tell you emphatically that I’m not a “salesperson,” and that I’m typically turned off by anything resembling sales. But, I was intrigued by Rodan + Fields. Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Professional caliber of people
    The more events I attended, calls I listened to and Facebook lives I tuned into, the more I realized there are a LOT of smart people in this business. MDs, attorneys, entrepreneurs, real estate agents—people who were quite successful in their former lives, but still joined R+F.
  1. Rodan + Fields brand
    The Stanford-educated doctors behind R+F are the doctors who created Proactiv. Rodan + Fields hasn’t paid a dime in advertising, but the editors in magazines from Forbes to Allure to InStyle and more write about the company frequently.
  1. Sharing something that works
    When someone asks you for a restaurant recommendation, you offer your opinions. That’s the same thing you do with Rodan + Fields—you share about skincare that you know works. You see the evidence not only with your own results but also in thousands of before and after photos available through your fellow consultants.
  1. Training
    Every day, I tune in to learn how to do my job as a consultant better and to get inspired by those who have achieved success in this biz. I’m expanding beyond my comfort zone, but although I’m in business for myself, I’m not alone in this business.
  1. Positive energy
    This is a group of women and men {yes, there are a LOT of men} who lift you up, want to see you succeed and applaud your efforts.

Turning “no way” into “what if”

Ultimately, I attended a corporate event with my sister-in-law {as a favor} and walked out as a consultant. I decided to turn my “no way” into a “what if.”

What if…I could make the money I wanted to without working crazy hours?

What if…my family was able to take dream vacations that kept getting postponed (without sweating the vacation time or money)?

What if…my career could work around my life, rather than my life vying for priority over my career?

What if…I fail, BUT what if I fly?

I am so excited about the potential to build, nurture and inspire a team. To be the success I had been and know I can be. Ultimately, the opportunity to take my destiny into my own hands. What I know for sure is that I want freedom and flexibility and to change people’s lives.

Changing lives is expensive

When I imagine what I would do with the money I win in a lottery, yes, a portion of my musing is certainly what I could do for my loved ones—vacations, college tuition, long-term care. But, there is an equal or larger portion when I imagine what I could do to change the world. There are so many wonderful causes that are deserving of more financial support that I can currently donate, and I want to succeed in Rodan + Fields so I can make a bigger difference in the world. Not only by changing lives through skincare and offering a path to entrepreneurship for many, but to invest in changing the world through causes I believe in.

If you’re ready to turn your “no way” into a “what if,” let’s talk. I would love to share with you my passion for making a difference and talk to you about joining forces together—in content, skincare or to change the world. You can reach me by phone at 303-829-1382 or contact me online.